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  • Laser printer repair – same day repairs available
  • Specialist HP Designjet plotter repair and maintenance
  • Maintenance contract for Printers and Copiers, Scanners
  • Onsite printer servicing & repairs
  • Photocopiers same day repairs available
  • Dot Matrix printer repairs -same day repairs available
  • Printer Parts and Consumable sales
  • Our experienced technicians can help you setup your networked printer in your home or office or troubleshoot and fix networked printer problems.
  • Most printer repairs can be performed in under an hour.
  • Low Price Guarantee!


PC Medics specialises in all makes and models of printers. Including Laser printers, HP Designjet, Plotter and Photocopier repairs. We offer a same day on site service. All of our technicians are experienced and trained in most models of printers including Hewlett Packard, Epson, Oki, Kyocera, Lexmark, Brother, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Canon, Sharp, Toshiba. We can also look after photocopiers on an adhoc repair basis or contract managed print service (MPS) agreement.

Printer Repair
LaserJet 95%
DesignJet 89%

Running office jokes worldwide surround the shared company laserjet printer not operating properly.  Without even taking into account the moral drain, the time your office spends fighting a malfunctioning printer is time not spent on business productivity, and that means money taken away from your profit margins.  Don’t let that printer bug cause any more chaos in your office, call PC Medics for a free estimate.  Most printer repairs can be performed in the first hour.

Modern inkjet printers are complex devices with many moving parts.  Just one of those parts shifting out of alignment could mean the difference between clear crisp photos or fuzzy unrecognizable prints.  PC Medics is experienced with fixing alignment as well as common printhead & nozzle issues.

Networked printers can be a beautiful thing when operating properly, or a nightmare when acting up.  With numerous potential points of failure, diagnosing networked printer issues is an easy task.  Fortunately, our experienced technicians have seen it all, and fixed it all.  No matter what your configuration is, whether you’re using a print server, or Windows printer sharing, we know how to fix it.  Call us for a free estimate today.

We understand you’re busy and bringing a printer into a repair shop is not how you want to spend you day.  Let us come to you.  Our technicians are punctual and offer appointment windows measured in minutes, not hours.

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